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Without drugs, feeling hungry, calorie counting, exercise, meetings, or buying any special foods or shakes.

My Metabolic Restoration Program with Proprietary Fat Burning Supplements Makes Losing Weight Easy

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Are you fed up with failed diets? Are you tired of starving yourself to lose a few pounds, only to gain the weight right back?

You aren’t alone! Millions of people start and fail on one diet after another. When so many people are failing, that tells you that the problem is with the SYSTEM. Not you!

Here’s why most people fail—it’s not just about changing your diet, but changing the way your body metabolizes food. Your metabolism determines how well or how poorly you burn food and calories into fuel. An optimal metabolism increases your cells ability to burn calories and prevent weight gain.

The Metabolic Restoration Program helps increase and repair your metabolism, lose weight, and keep it off—without drugs, feeling hungry, counting calories, exercise, meetings, shakes, or special foods.

My patients lose up to a pound a day, 20, 30, 40, some over a 100 pounds, AND keep it off.

Lost just over 40 lbs, and feels better than she has in years. “I’m back to hiking and doing what I love.”


Lost just over 50 lbs, and feel so incredible. “I feel and look healthy for the first time in my adult life. I’m so glad I did this. So Blessed!

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I was bedridden with pain and fatigue. Now, I’ve lost 40 lbs., pain is very low, IBS and fog are gone, and I’m sleeping 6-8 hours a night!

Lost 70 lbs, and feels amazing! “I would say (to people considering this program) do yourself a favor because this works!”

She Lost 50 lbs!  “I feel healthy… I would say it gave me hope and that hope was not disappointed, it was realized!”

Here’s What You Get in the Program:

  • Initial phone or in clinic weight loss consult with me, Dr. Rodger Murphree
  • 40-days of doctor supervised support
  • At home urinalysis tests so we can tailor the program to your unique biology
  • One round of weight loss supplements
  • Membership site with recipes, videos, hand-outs, shopping lists, diet hacks, cheat sheets, and helpful tips
  • Diet booklet with easy to follow recommendations
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How would losing 15 pounds a month feel? What would dropping two or three dress or pants sizes do for your self confidence?

My Metabolic Restoration Program can quickly turn your health around. In a couple of weeks you could be feeling more energetic than you have in years. You could be on your way to looking and feeling healthy, getting off potentially dangerous medications, and reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia, high blood pressure, and numerous other life-robbing conditions. Imagine being able to jump up and go for a hike without getting winded, run around and chase your kids or grandkids, or go out with friends and feel incredibly confident.

Being Overweight By 20 lbs. Increases Your Risk Of Developing Numerous Diseases

  • 32% risk of Heart Disease
  • 81% increase risk of Stroke
  • 20% increase risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • 600% increase risk of High Blood Pressure
[ Jolene lost over 40 pounds in just 80 days ]

This doctor supervised, clinically proven, safe, easy to follow, all-natural metabolic restoration diet program, has helped hundreds of my patients lose weight, look and feel good again!

 No need to exercise, starve yourself or count calories. All natural weight loss formula literally melts the fat off your belly, hips, thighs, and buttocks!

Frequently Asked Questions . . . 

Do I Have to Travel to Birmingham, AL

You can be seen in my clinic in Birmingham AL, but you don’t have to. I work with patients all over the world. It can absolutely be done by phone!

Does it Require Cooking or a Lot of Food Preparation?

No, it is easy to enjoy these healthy food choices without having to spend a lot of time cooking or preparing meals.

Are There Any Side Effects from Taking the Supplements?

No, the supplements are all natural and don’t have side effects like medications.

Will I Be Hungry on the Diet?

No you won’t be hungry on this diet. The supplements have a natural appetite suppressant and they cause you to burn the unhealthy fat and release 1500-4,000 calories a day. You won’t be hungry.

Is The Diet Hard To Follow?

No the diet is easy to follow and allows you to eat protein including chicken beef, turkey, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, tofu, and shellfish; vegetables and certain fruits.

Can I Buy These Supplements On Line?

No, the fat-burning supplements are only available to healthcare professionals and cannot be purchased online or in the store.

Do I Have to Buy Any Special Foods?

No you simply take the weight loss burning supplements and follow the anti-inflammatory diet list of foods. There are NO Prepackaged Meals Or Shakes.  You’ll be eating REAL food.

Are The Diet And Supplements Safe?

Yes, the diet and supplements are safe. The supplements and anti-inflammatory weight loss drops are not stimulating. They will not raise your blood pressure or heart rate. And yes, they are safe to take with any medications.

Can I Do the Diet Without the Drops and Supplements?

You can, but you won’t lose weight. If you go on a low calorie diet, your body will think it is starving and you will not lose weight. The special fat burning supplements cause your body to release 1,500-4,000 calories a day allowing you to get most of your calories from fat loss.

[ Cynthia lost over 40 lbs. ]
[ Lianne lost 70 pounds ]
[ Janna lost over 40 pounds ]

You CAN lose up to a pound a day and keep it off, without drugs, special foods, exercise, or being hungry!

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